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Running and fundraising for Room to Read is a powerful way to help provide the skills and confidence young students need to build brighter futures for themselves, their families, and their communities. The Tokyo Marathon is one the most competitive races to get into, so we are thrilled to bring you this opportunity to run with Room to Read and help support children’s futures. 

Our Goal

Our goal for the 2025 Tokyo Marathon is to help 8,000 young learners and girls in historically low-income communities access quality education.

Application & Schedule

*Please refer to Official Website “RUN with HEART” Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity Page for detailed process, eligibilities, and more.

Application Period

June 25 (Tue.), 11 a.m.  – July 10 (Wed.), 5 p.m. (JST)
* Apply from the Application for Room to Read Japan and apply in JPY for the pledged amount. Information cannot be changed after submission. Charity Runner application is not first-come, first-served.
* Applications are not permitted after this period. Transfers of running rights are not permitted under any circumstances.

How to Apply

Select "Room to Read Japan" as the recipient of your donation on the following links:

  • Overseas Residents - Click here (English)
  • Japan Residents - Click here (Japanese)

The website will be updated when the application period starts.


150 Runners
*Selection is made based on a higher donation amount and content of the "Thoughts on Charity & Messages" entered at the time of application. 

Donation amount

Minimum: JPY 310,000 (≒ US$2,000) or more.
*In addition to the donation $160 will be charged as a registration fee for international runners.

  • Multiple currencies accepted.
    Donate in AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, USD, and JPY. Tax benefits are available in many countries. Check here.
  • Corporate matches accepted.
    Check here under
     "Matching Gifts and Workplace Giving".
  • Fundraising platform provided.
    Receive support from your network!

Our Fundraising Target

Your fundraising goals will make a significant difference:
We ask all of our charity runners try to raise $4,000+ in order to secure education for 8,000 children and girls! Even if you are not running, you can join and support by making gift!

  • $3,650: Support 10 girls in our Girls' Education Program for an entire year
  • $4,000: Support 80 children with literacy education for an entire year
  • $7,300: Support 20 girls in our Girls' Education Program for an entire year
  • $10,000: Provide 80 children and girls with literacy & life skill lessons for an entire year
  • $15,000: Support a school's library and provide education to hundreds of children and girls


Frequently Asked Questions

General Inquiry

Room to Read Japan:

TMF Official Information (Regularly updated)

✓Official Website “RUN with HEART” Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity Page
Eligibility for participants as a Charity runner


We are grateful for each and every one of you who are joining us as a Room to Read 2025 Tokyo Marathon runner. To show our appreciation, here are a few benefits you can expect when running with the Room to Read team. Every participant will:

  1. Be invited to gather with top runners during the pre-race Emperor's Palace Run
  2. Receive a special Room to Read T-shirt
  3. Be surrounded by cheers and support along the course
  4. Get access to a Facebook group for our Room to Read charity runner community


Imperial Palace Run organized by Deloitte Running Team

Total 30 volunteers gathered and supported during the event


Runner Testimonials & Media Mentions

Mr. Yusuf Alireza (Dubai / Board of Directors, Room to Read)

"The Tokyo Marathon 2024 was a remarkable journey, not just for the distance covered, but for the cause it championed – aiding children worldwide in their quest for literacy and learning. Every step taken by the runners was a pledge towards nurturing the dreams of these young learners. The heartfelt contributions from donors turned the marathon into a celebration of hope and empowerment. As we gear up for the Tokyo Marathon 2025, we carry the pride of having contributed to a global cause and the excitement to continue this journey of support. Join us as we run not just for the finish line, but for a brighter future for children everywhere. Let's make every mile count for their education."

Mr. Bhup Rwal (USA)

"I choose to run for Room to Read Japan because of their goal of helping kids who are in need to advance their dreams of education worldwide. The best charity goals that fit my own vision and preferences. They use 100% of donations towards supporting their goal of facilitating kids to read and learn. The charity team was wonderful to help promptly in all steps and answered my questions."

Mr. Kyoichiro Suzuki and Mrs. Naoko Suzuki (Japan)

"We fully support Room to Read's focus on children's education and their commitment to efficient and waste-free initiatives. Over the past 13 years, we have been proud to support and walk alongside them. Please consider running as a charity runner, envisioning the resilient determination of children as they move forward."

Featured Media:
Room to Read was featured byMarathon Training Academy! Listen to our podcast interview and learn more!Interview starts from 27min point.

Comments and runners' photos from past races:

・Tokyo Marathon 2024! 150 charity runners from 25 countries run for Room to Read!
・Comments from charity runners in 2023

About Room to Read

Founded in 2000 on the belief that World Change Starts with Educated Children®, Room to Read is creating a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality. We are achieving this goal by helping children in historically low-income communities develop literacy skills and a habit of reading, and by supporting girls as they build skills to succeed in school and negotiate key life decisions. We collaborate with governments and other partner organizations to deliver positive outcomes for children at scale. Room to Read has benefited more than 39 million children and has worked in 24 countries and in more than 192,000 communities, with additional support through remote solutions that facilitate learning beyond the classroom. Room to Read aims to reach 40 million children by 2025.

Learn more about Room to Read’s Literacy Program and Girl's Education Program

Literacy Program Fact Sheet

Our approach not only works for all children — it works at scale. By building literacy skills alongside reading habits, and by engaging governments and other NGOs to use this highly effective methodology, we are cementing the foundation for systemic change in education and paving an inclusive path
toward ending global illiteracy.

Learn more about Room to Read’s Literacy Program

Girl's Education Program Fact Sheet

Right now, approximately 129 million girls around the world are not in school. When you educate a girl, everything changes. Help Room to Read make change possible by benefiting more girls than ever before through our Girls’ Education Program.

Learn more about Room to Read’s Girl's Education Program